Within the RESI-module 7 the ecosystem services that have been quantified within the modules 2-6 will be collected separately for each model region and will be checked concerning the consistence of their valuation scales (e.g. goal performance grade or monetization). Thereby, possible synergies among the use of several ecosystem services are analyzed, as well as economically negative effects, or negative interactions with other ecosystem services (trade-offs and risks). The economically usable ecosystem services (e.g. flood retention, self-purification, and tourism) will be – if data are available – analyzed concerning their monetization equivalent, while the ES supply and the not monetizable services will be evaluated by means of a scoring system of goal fulfillment. Based on these sectoral assessments, the integrative RESI index will be developed, which will also enable the representation of the synergies and antagonisms (trade-offs) among with multiple uses.


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