In the RESI-module 1, a list of ecosystem services in river corridors will be prepared on the basis of previously published ecosystem service catalogues. Practicable definitions will confine ecosystem service definitions. Since diverse use conflicts occur often in practice, all ecosystem services will be considered including navigation and hydropower. Furthermore, the realizable degree of resolution and details quantifying ecosystem services will be determined and the available data sources will be analysed regarding their feasibility to develop indicators. In this context, terms such as nature capital, supply and fluxes of ecosystem services, the required human inputs for the use of ecosystem services, the demand and the substitutability of ecosystem services will be clarified by the help of actual literature.

RESI-working paper (in German)

Picture: S.Beichler


The developed frame concept represents the basis for the following assessment of actually used and potential ecosystem services. The analysis of positive and negative interactions in the various modules can be performed based on the concept, too. The specific modules are related to the ecosystem services mediation of flows, metabolism of matter, habitat provision, provisioning services and cultural services. The results are then combined in the syntheses to build up a practicable RESI-Index.